Granddaddy Purple CBD Rosin 0.5g


nekta CBD – Naturally extracted using only heat and pressure. No solvents and no C02.

Our clean and pure cannabis rosin is the base of our vape liquids and also used in our cosmetic products. We believe in sourcing the highest quality material that will give the best quality end product. Sourcing our Cannabis flowers from the best growers out there. We carefully select every strain and then extract the rosin or oils from the flowers as fresh as possible. The result is a superbly flavour and terpene rich product that sings quality.

Granddaddy Purple 0.5g CBD Rosin Extract.

Grandaddy Purple is the x breed of Big Bud and Purple Urkle both strains of which are known for their strength and quality. With aromas of sweet berry and the taste of a complex fresh, berry mixed with citrus. Granddaddy Purple has appealed to users world wide for many years.

Known benefits of this strain – Granddaddy Purple is an Indica strain of Cannabis. Indica strains are known for their deep relaxing properties which help calm the body. For those looking for help with painstressinsomniainflammationanxiety and muscle spasms. GDP is the right choice for you.


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