CBD Muscle Balm – CBD 80mg


Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. The first recorded usage goes back to China. It is said to be the primary healing plant discovered by Red Emperor Shen Nung (2838 – 2698 B.C.) By researching a variety of essential oils and combining them with our natural CBD extract. nekta muscle balm can help with join pain, muscle soreness, ligament pain and is also great for using after fitness training to help with muscle recovery.

Combining high quality organic essential oils with our CBD extract, can be used whenever you feel. It can aid in easing pains, aches and muscle stiffness. With a generous helping of Tumeric oil it will also soothe your skin whilst the anti inflammatory effects of Tumeric will get to work right away.

CBD Content – Our 15g CBD Balm sticks contain 350mg of Cannabis extract with all the cannabinioids. Of this 22% is CBD which means all our 15g balms contain 80mg of CBD.

Usage instructions – Rub the balm stick on the affected area of muscle or joint and gently rub on to the skin. The warmth will naturally melt the balm into an oil. You can rub the oil into your skin and massage your affected areas at the same time. Make sure you work it in thoroughly to ensure the balm gets deep into your skin. Your body will love you for it!

WARNING: This balm contains oils such as euclyptus, peppermint and clove oil. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY & DO NOT USE ON LIPS OR OPEN WOUNDS. 




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