30ml Tangerine Dream CBD Oil Drops 16% CBD


30ml Tangerine Dream CBD Oil Drops 16% CBD – Made with MCT Oil (Purified Coconut Oil)

Our Solventless and CO2 free extraction methods mean one thing. Purity. By using heat and pressure to release the FULL SPRECTRUM CBD rich resin(rosin) from the cannabis flowers. We know our CBD extracts are;

Terpene rich – Terpenes are the flavour and effect holder in cannnabis which is well known for the abundance of different strains, aromas, tastes and wellbeing effects.

100% Natural – We put nothing else in so you know your CBD vape cartridge is made of the most pure and natural extractions available.

High CBD – nekta only sources Cannabis Sativa and Indica’s that have been nutured with specific genetic training and cross breeding to create new strains which are low in THC and higher in CBD.

100% LEGAL IN EU – Our cannabis flowers are sourced from all over the world as we hunt for the perfect CBD strain. Our main suppliers are based in Switzerland, Spain and Czech Republic. With all our Cannabis flowers containing no more than 0.2% THC content. They are classed as industrial hemp and THC FREE

Flavour Profile:
Tangerine Dream is 30% Indica and 70% Sativa and is known for knocking out pain whilst increasing energy levels. So you get the best of both worlds and is ideal for daytime vaping. Known to be helpful with stress, pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue and anxiety.

Qty – 1 dropper bottle at 30ml

CBD Content – This 30ml cartridge consists of 1000mg of pure Cannabis Indica Cannabinoids with 16% CBD. You get the full effects of the strain as is should be. Nothing is taken out. CBD, Flavanoids,Terpenes to the highest level with very low THC levels.

The Drops – nekta CBD has developed a range of CBD Drops made with our CBD extracts and MCT oil which can be dropped under the tongue as part of your CBD daily intake.

Known benefits of this strain –  Indica strains are known for their deep relaxing properties which help calm the body. For those looking for help with pain, stress, inflammation, muscle spasms and to increase appetite. 

How to use our drops – CBD drops should be started on 3 to 5 drops per day for the first week. Then 5 to 7 drops on week 2. 8 to 10 drops on week 3 and finally 10-12 drops on week 4. This will build up the cannibanoids to the required level by week 4. You can then continue to take 10 drops per day from week 5 and increase if you feel the need to.


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