1ml Granddaddy Purple CBD Cartridge 14% CBD


1ml Granddaddy Purple CBD Cartridge 14% CBD

Our Solventless and CO2 free extraction methods mean one thing. Purity. By using heat and pressure to release the FULL SPRECTRUM CBD rich resin(rosin) from the cannabis flowers. We know our CBD extracts are;

Terpene rich – Terpenes are the flavour and effect holder in cannnabis which is well known for the abundance of different strains, aromas, tastes and wellbeing effects.

100% Natural – We put nothing else in so you know your CBD vape cartridge is made of the most pure and natural extractions available.

High CBD – nekta only sources Cannabis Sativa and Indica’s that have been nutured with specific genetic training and cross breeding to create new strains which are low in THC and higher in CBD.

100% LEGAL IN EU – Our cannabis flowers are sourced from all over the world as we hunt for the perfect CBD strain. Our main suppliers are based in Switzerland, Spain and Czech Republic. With all our Cannabis flowers containing no more than 0.2% THC content. They are classed as industrial hemp.

Flavour Profile:
Grandaddy Purple is the x breed of Big Bud and Purple Urkle both strains of which are known for their strength and quality. With aromas of sweet berry and the taste of a complex fresh, berry mixed with citrus. Granddaddy Purple has appealed to users world wide for many years.

CBD Content – This 1ml cartridge consists of 200mg of pure Cannabis Indica Cannabinoids with 14% CBD. You get the full effects of the strain as is should be. Nothing is taken out. CBD, Flavanoids,Terpenes to the highest level with very low THC levels.

The Cartridge – nekta CBD has tested 100’s of vape cartridges to find THE one. With so many variations out there it can be difficult for consumers to know which to go for without spending excessively. We have done the hard work for you and ONLY USE the best cartridges on the market today. Ceramic coils with the best airflow that helps heat the CBD extract evenly which results in a smooth consistent vape experience.

Known benefits of this strain – Granddaddy Purple is an Indica strain of Cannabis. Indica strains are known for their deep relaxing properties which help calm the body. For those looking for help with pain, stress, insomnia, inflammation, anxiety and muscle spasms. GDP is the right choice for you.



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