We understand that CBD can be a little confusing and knowing what is best for you depends on the information you have been given. We are hear to help and have put together some frequently asked questions that may help you. If you would like specific information or have a question not answered here. Please get in touch and we will be happy to guide you through your choices. 

  1. Is CBD legal?

    Yes! CBD is LEGAL in Europe, UK and USA. In Europe and UK CBD is legal as it is only the pyschoactive compound known as THC which is considered illegal. All our of CBD and Cannabinoids is extracted from Cannabis flowers that have been tested to show a THC level of less than 0.2% This level classes Cannabis as industrial hemp which has no restrictions on it. 

    You can now find Hemp and CBD products in most health stores and supermarkets. However, most of these contain minimal CBD or CBD extracted from hemp and not Cannabis Sativa or Indica meaning it is not the best quality out there.

  2. But this is Cannabis? I don't want to get high!

    Cannabis needs to be broken down in terms of compounds so we can better understand what part of Cannabis is responsible for the "high" and the "health benefits"

    So, Cannabis is made up of Cannabinoids. These can be split into 3 main compounds. 

    THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol

    This is the part that gives you the "high" or psychoactive element of Cannabis. The higher the THC level, the stronger the effect. 

    CBD - Cannabidiol

    CBD is the 2nd compound and is the one to show the most health benefits. CBD is not mind altering. In fact the job of CBD is to counter the THC effects. The plant basically has a balance system built in. CBD tries to balance the "high" of Cannabis and stops the user from getting "too high". 

    CBD is found to help with so many ailments, illnesses and diseases. Used for thousands of years and documents in ancient scripts such as the Hindu Vedas and Chinese scriptures for it's medical use, benefits and well being properties. 


    Terpenes are a large class of organic compounds that are produced in a various plants and fruits. Mangoes for example share a terpene with certain Cannabis strains. Which is why some strains are named with Mango as they are known to smell or taste a little "mango-ish".

    These terpenes are also responsible for the known healing effects of cannabis. Different terpenes will help with different ailments. 

    So when we say for example, Granddaddy purple helps with stress, depression and pain. When tested the cannabis content will have more terpenes that match those symptoms.  

    You can find more information on Terpenes, the types and healing properites on our blog here.

  3. So how long before the CBD cures me?

    nekta CBD is sold and to be consumed as a dietary or cosmetic product only. We are not doctors and we do not make any medical claims. However we are doing our best to work with health authorities to develop testing further and research to prove cannabis and its natural health effects. 

    A quick google of  "CBD benefits" will bring you many results and tests that have been conducted by universities on the effects of CBD.  A 5 minute search will reveal many stories of CBD and Cannabis healing people. 

    You can also have a look at our blog where we have articles from case studies and reviews to benefits of CBD. We urge you to do your own research and use our information a guide also. 

    NOTE OF FDA Disclaimer here

  4. So what is your CBD made of?

    nekta CBD is completely natural in terms of how we extract it and what the resin itself contains. There are now Solvents such as Butane, or no C02 extraction methods involved. 

    We use specific techniques to extract the resin from cannabis flowers using heat and pressure. Knowing the amount of heat and pressure is key as this denotes the clarity, quality, taste and CBD content of the resin. 

    We know we have got it right. It has taken time and a lot of testing and research. But...we have done it. Our cannabis resin is the best we can get it and its proven itself to those who have tried it so far. 

  5. Are your CBD products natural or synthetic?

    All of our products are made with natural ingredients except our vape cartridges. Whilst the cannabis resin is naturally extracted we use Propylene Glycol to thin the resin so that it can be wicked into the cartridge. PG is used in foods and medicine vastly and is also one of the main ingredients in E Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes. 

    Our Balms and creams are all made with organic ingredients. The beeswax used is local, the Shea and Mango butters are organic and the essential oils used are pure and 100% natural. 

    At nekta we want to stay a natural as possible and will ensure to develop our range further keeping this in mind. 

  6. What do you mean "solventless?

    The CBD industry has exploded and we mean literally. One of the methods of extracting CBD from the cannabis flowers is by running Butane Gas in pressure through the cannabis and as the liquid travels through the buds. It strips the Trichomes(little crystal pockets of Cannabinoids including CBD). This solution is then heated and the butane is evaporated until only a thick resin is left. This methods can be very dangerous if not done in a controlled environment with safety in mind. 

    Some also use alcohol instead of Butane. However, this also is evaporated and strips the trichomes from the buds. 

    Then there is C02 extraction where C02 is pressurised and run through the buds. This is a safer method to use however not very Eco friendly in our opinion. 

    Also with the above methods you personally cannot be sure what strain is being used for extraction so we cannot tell what effects it will have. 

    Our products are strain specific so we know exactly how it can help you and with what ailments. 

  7. Why should I choose nekta products over another CBD brand.

    We understand that their are many forms of CBD on the market and it can get confusing as to which to use. Which normally sends a person down a "price led" view of products. We cannot stress enough how this should not be the choosing factor when trying CBD. 

    Why should you choose nekta? Well for a number of reasons;

    100% natural extraction - no solvents, no C02 and as close as to nature as can be. We extract by heat and pressure. The result is a pure, clean, organic resin full of rich Cannabinoids and not just CBD. Which means you get the benefit of the whole cannabis plant...as nature intended. 

    Strain Specific - The resin used in our products is strain specific. Which means we can develop products that use a specific strain for a specific ailment or condition. 

    Organic products - All of nekta CBD products are organic in their ingredients. We like to keep it simple, effective and kind to our body and planet. 

Couldn't find the answer? We can help!

We have tried to answer the most common questions we receive above. However if you would like more information or would like to know which Cannabis strain or nekta product is best for you and your condition. Please drop us a message and our team would be more than happy to help you. 

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