About Us

Our Story

nekta CBD was created after seeing first hand the benefits and pain relief CBD can give a person. For the last 18 months we have research into CBD and Cannabis and developed a range of CBD products of the highest quality using the best source of LEGAL Cannabis flowers available in the industry.

Our range of CBD products are made using the naturally extracted resin from Cannabis which is high in CBD content. We then infuse our balms, topical creams with CBD and key essential oils known to alleviate a variety of symptoms. Our CBD vape carts contain full spectrum Cannabis resin and are thinned for vape using PG and PEG400. This allows for a full terpene rich, solvent and C02 free CBD concentrate. 

Our CBD extraction methods

We source Cannabis flowers from Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Always using the highest CBD content possible with below 0.2% levels of THC. Meaning our products are 100% legal in Europe and UK. 

The Cannabis flowers then have their natural oils extracted using heat and pressure with specific techniques that ensure a full spectrum, clean, and great quality concentrate. 

We source and use specific strains of LEGAL Cannabis as each strain can help with different symptoms. The nekta range of products can help with your wellbeing and improve your quality of life by helping with issues such as Arthiritis, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Seizures, Joint pain, Nausea, Appetite, Dry skin and so much more. 

Our Vision

To be the key leader in CBD products focussing on consumer needs first. To give full and accurate information and provide an educational environment for those who wish to learn more about the great benefits of Cannabis and CBD. 

Our Mission

To help those in need and to help every individual we can to lead a better, healthier life by creating CBD products for specific symptoms and issues. To provide a safe and information lead portal to high quality CBD products. 

Our Passion

We truly believe in the benefits of Cannabis as we have seen first hand how it can change a persons life.  Now all we want to do it provide the same benefits to those in need.


Company History

nekta was first envisioned late February 2017. After nearly 18 months of research and testing we are very proud to bring our products to market.  Our website went live in May of 2018 and we now have a great range of products made from the highest quality CBD and essential oils. 

We have many more products releasing in the coming months such as full spectrum CBD pastes, Oral Sprays 


nekta begins R&D

We start to source quality CBD flowers for extraction. 


nekta range finalised

First Vape Carts and Balms are produced. Using our finest CBD extract from Cannabis flowers.


nekta goes live!

With our products ready and our focus groups chosen. nekta sends out first tester kits to CBD testers.